No.1 Institute for Nursing Human touch, Divine healing
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Affliated to

Indian Nusing Council,New Delhi
INC No : 18-293011-INC
Dated : 23-Nov-2006

Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council

Ref.No : 34/NC/2006
Dated : 4-10-2006

The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai

Affln. No : II(1)/32947/06
Dated : 26-12-2006

Government Order(Ms) No : 178
Dated : 8-9-2006


                 Thirithuapuram and Mulagumoodu Vicariates are two integral parts of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kottar in Kanyakumari Disitict. The long standing aspirations of the people of this area and their combined efforts have fructified into the establishment of St. Xavier's Catholic College of Nursing.
                  The College aims at preparing graduates who will have the ability to approach health care from a broader and deeper knowledge base and from a greater capacity to apply analytic, synthetic and interpretative skills to their role.
                  The B, Sc. Programme is intended to develop the student as a person who will strive to fulfill his/her role as member of the nursing profession to uphold the dignity of the profession and to establish professional autonomy in nursing education, practice and research


                 To empower Rural Human Resources with professional skills and knowledge power with desirable human values and to create job opportunities especially for the youth in the medical field under the banner of nursing.