Annual Report

St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Nursing

Chunkankadai, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District- 629003


  Dr. A. Reena Evency, R.N.R.M,Ph.D.

 Principal, SXCCN

        The President of today’s function Most. Rev.Dr Jerome Dhas Varuvel S.D.B, Patron, SXCCN and Bishop of Kuzhithurai Diocese Chief Guest Dr. A.Vasanthi M.B.B.S.,D.O, Joint Director of Health services ,Kanyakumari District. Rev. Fr. S. Jaya Prakash, our Correspondent, Rev. Fr. S. Godwin Selva Justus, Financial Administrator, Distinguished members of the Management board, Rev. Fathers and Sisters, Dear colleagues, Parents and Loving students

            It gives me a great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome on this eleventh annual day 2017.

Academic Excellence

          St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Nursing offers Basic B.Sc. Nursing 4 - year degree programme, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing, 2 year degree programme and 2- year M.Sc. Nursing Post graduate degree programme with 5 specialties in Nursing such as Medical Surgical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Maternal Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.

  • We are currently training 336 B.Sc Nursing students, 21 Post Basic B. Sc Nursing students, and 4 M. Sc Nursing students.
  • Our College of Nursing functions with the Motto “Human Touch and Divine Healing”.
  • We have till today produced 386 B.Sc. Nursing graduates, 121 Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing graduates and 83 M.Sc. Nursing post graduates.
  • We also got recognition to start Ph.D in Nursing for Child Health Nursing Department under The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R University,Chennai..
  • We maintain the staff student ratio as per the Indian Nursing Council norms. All the departments are headed by Professors, Readers and Lecturers with the staff and students ratio of 1:10.
  • Our Library is also equipped with more new editions, online journals National and International indexed journals.



         The XXVI th TNAI Biennial Conference Tamil Nadu Branch entitled as “Nurses – Force for change - Improving Health System Resilience” was hosted by St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Nursing on 30.06.2016 & 01.07.2016. Totally 916 delegates participated as the gathering for the two days conference excluding the executive members of TNAI TN Branch. The Chief Guest for the conference was Dr. Josephine R Little Flower, Nursing Advisor to Govt. of India, New Delhi. The second day of the Conference started with the plenary session by Dr. S. Ani Grace Kalaimathi, Registrar, The Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Chennai on the topic “Nurse Practice and Nurse Practice Act.” and it was followed by TNAI election and disclosure of results.

THE NRSI  (Nursing Research Society of India) SOUTH REGIONAL CONFERENCE

        The NRSI  south Regional conference entitled as “Capacity Building For Nurse Researcher” was hosted by St. Xavier’s catholic college of Nursing  on 25.07.2016.Totally 170 delegates  were registered for the conference. The chief guest for the conference was Dr. Assuma Beevi.


Medical surgical Nursing

  • On 7th  April 15, “World Health Day” was celebrated in St. Xavier’s College of Nursing organized by II yr (N) students
  • On 14th November 2016, “World Diabetes Day” was celebrated by II yr B.Sc (N) students in St. Xavier’s College of Nursing and General hospital, Thuckalay,
  • Medical surgical nursing department organized and celebrated “Rare Disease Day” on 28.02.2017 presenting the theme “Research -2017”- With Researh, Possibilites Are Limitless”. Based on the theme released by NORD (National Organisation For Rare Diseases),
  • “National Science Day” with the theme “Science and Technology for the Specially Abled Persons” was held on 28.02.2017 by arranging a Spot Art Competition relying on the theme for the students.

Child Health Nursing

  • On 08/08/2016 “Breast feeding week” was celebrated by B.Sc Nursing students in Agasthiyarmuni child care centre at Vellamadam. Various activities were implemented to convey the theme of the breastfeeding week. Around 75 mothers benefited through this programme.
  • “Newborn week” was celebrated on November 14-11-2016 by III Year B.Sc Nursing students in Agasthiyarmuni child care centre at Vellamadam. Around 60 members are benefited by this programme.
  • On 16-02-2016 “Play Exhibition” was conducted at Agasthiyarmuni child care centre, Vellamadam was seen and appreciated  by Rev.Fr.Heronimus Director of health care centre, Doctors and Nurses . More than 100 mothers from inpatient and outpatient department visited the exhibition and clarified their doubts.

Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

  • “Breastfeeding week “was celebrated on 10.08.2016 by (N) IV Year students at Caroline John Hospital, Nagercoil. Totally 150 mothers including female family members were benefited through the programme.
  • “Newborn week:” was celebrated on 17.11.2016 by IV Year B.Sc (N) students at Government Hospital, Padmanabapuram. Around 150 Postnatal mothers were benefited
  • “International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” was celebrated on 25.11.2016 by I yr. P.B.Sc (N). The theme observed was “Orange the world. End violence against Women and Girls”.
  • “International Women’s day” was celebrated on 08-3-2017 by II Year P.BSc (N) Students. The theme observed was “ Be Bold for  change”

Community Health Nursing                        

  • On 10-02-2017 Our I yr M.Sc(N) and IV yr Bsc(N) students had participated in “General Medical Camp” at Govt. Primary school Kumarapuram, which was organized by the upgraded primary health center Kothanalloor.
  • On  17-02-2017I yr M.Sc(N) and IV yr Bsc(N) students conducted “Denque Awareness programme” in Padmanabapuram municipality office under the guidance of Dr.Victor Joe Lawrence (Medical officer, Padmanabapuram PHC).
  • On  20-02-2017 I yr M.Sc(N) and IV yr Bsc(N) students participated  in “Leprosy Awareness Programme” at Padhmanbapuram Primary health centre which was organized by the deputy director of medical services (leprosy), Kottar, Nagercoil
  • On 09-02-2017-26-02-2017 Our II yr Bsc(N) students participated in “Measles and Rubella camp” at different schools under the guidance of Kothanalloor primary health centre staff.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Our II yr P.B BSC (N) conducted an awareness programme on 24-8-2016 regarding “Prevention of mental illness” at  Emmavus Mental Health Centre
  • The “World Mental Health Day”  was celebrated on October 10th 2016 in St. Joseph old age home at Pilankalai by P.B (N) II yr students and at  Emmavus Rehabilitation Centre for the mentally ill women at Pilanlankalai by III Year B.Sc (N) Students focusing on the theme “Psychological First Aid”.     

Research and Health Awareness Service for Kanyakumari District (RHASK)

            As a part of raising the fund for Research development, we are regularly conducting community awareness programmes. This programme has been scheduled on Sundays, Government holidays or working days based on the suitable time for the public. During this academic year as a part of this community programme, we covered 5 parishes in our diocese with 3684 women participants and one B.Ed college in our diocese with 105 women participants.

Staff Developmental Programme and Welfare activities

           On 16-01-2017 our college management had organized staff development programme for all our teaching staff. Rev.Fr.Antony Muthu, Rev.Fr.Densingh and  Rev.Fr.S.Godwin Selva Justus were the resource persons

Continuing Nursing Education

            The continuing Nursing Education programme was started in the month of October 2010 with the aim to develop knowledge and practice for the nursing staff at St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Nursing

Our staff members had presented different topics in the current year such as surgical innovations, work place stress scale, aerobic exercise, pulmonary alveolar protenosis, theif of womenhood for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, National Rural Health Mission and Objective Structured Practical Examination.

Student and Staff  Developmental Programmes

  • On 22-06-2016 Anemia Camp was organized by Nagercoil obstetrical and gynecological society.
  • On 16-09-2016 Campus Interview was conducted for IVth year out going batch students by Apollo Hospital, Chennai.
  • On 28-01-2017, “Women’s Initiative towards Reproductive Health” seminar was conducted by Dr.Michel Forte.
  • Mrs.Sheebajeni and Mrs.Vinitha Sterlin were deputed to attend the conference on “NABH-Accreditation –Standards Specific to Nursing Professionals” organized  by Annammal College of Nursing, Kuzhithurai
  • Mrs.Brinda N.V and Mrs.Algin were deputed to attend the conference on “Mobile health “organized by Annammal College of Nursing, Kuzhithurai
  • Mrs.Vinitha Sterlin and Mrs.Beni were deputed to attend the conference on “Pediatric updates” organized by P.S.College of Nursing, Thalakkulam.
  • Mrs Golden Catherine and Mrs. Shiny Mary presented paper in the conference conducted at CBH.


  • 11th Lamp Lighting Ceremony for the 11th batch of B.Sc. Nursing was celebrated on 12th December, 2016. Dr.Lawrence Victor Joe, Asst.Surgeon in government primary health centre was the Chief Guest.
  • We have also celebrated the fare well day, welcome party, St. Xavier’s Feast and Christmas Celebrations during this academic year.


  • “Nurses day” was celebrated in our College on 12-05-2016 organized by our IV year BSc(N) Students
  • International yoga day was celebrated in our College on 21-06-2016 Mr. Karthick, the Yoga Trainer,  Kanyakumari District  Branch was the chief guest.
  • “Independence day” was celebrated on 15.8.2016 in our campus by hoisting the flag by Dr.A.Reena Evency. All students and teaching faculty were present for the celebration.
  • The Christmas day celebration was held on 23.12.2016 in the college.
  • “Alumini meet” was held on 26-12-16.
  • Pongal celebration was held on 14.1.2017 in the college .All four batches were involved and each batch prepared pongal separately. Pongal was prepared in decorated pots adorned with sugarcane and turmeric to add beauty to the traditional celebration of Tamilians.
  • The Republic Day celebration was held on 26.1.2017. With an energetic performance by our college band our correspondent Rev. Fr.Jaya Prakash hoisted the flag and it was followed by the flag song and the national pledge by students.


  • Inter Nursing college  competition was organized by  the Salvation Army  Catherine Booth College of Nursing, on 15-12-2016 in which our Students won first prize in volley ball, second prize in throw ball and second prize in carol competition.

Professional Association

  • A total of 72 Basic B.Sc. Nursing students were transferred from Students Nurses Association (SNA) to Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI), and 63 M.Sc. Nursing students and staff have registered as new TNAI members.

Youth Red Cross Activities

            Our YRC team extends their First Aid Programme during various events organized by our diocese. During this Academic year we have sent our First Aid team

  • Blood donation camp was organized in our college in collaboration with Govt.Head Quarters Hospital,Thuckalay for 2 days (18 & 24-11-2017)
  • Our II yr B.Sc(N) students participated in “Organ Donation” rally conducted by Govt.head Quarters Hospital,Thuckalay
  • Old Age conference at Mulagumoodu   and Thiruthuvapuram was held.
  • First Aid Programme conducted at Periyanagi Church, Thiruvithancode & Morning Star Polytechnic College, Chunkankadai.


              To accomplish the vision of our institution, it provides financial support for the requiring learners.

  • The institution gives tuition fee consideration for 10 students per batch, totally 40 students with Rs.24, 00,000 was benefited by our management per year.
  • We got a cordial link with Educational Opportunities for Women in India, Germany. They granted scholarship for twenty three of our students who are financially poor were  benefited with Rs. 17,25,000 per year
  • SC/ST/SCA/SEC Scholarship was granted for 66 students benefited with Rs.29,59,650
  • First graduate scholarship was granted for 69 students benefited with Rs.13,80,000
  • Government students BC ,MBC scholarship was granted for 85 students benefited with Rs.4,04,300
  • Minority Scholarship was granted for70 students benefited with Rs.21,00,000

Special Feature in the Current Year

           We are grateful to our Diocese and the Management who are going to enrich us with a 150 bedded St Xavier’s Multi Specialty Hospital to enhance the Quality of Nursing and to get hands on practice on nursing care for our students .We thank our God Almighty to have Stone Laying function  for this on 20-11-2016 and work commencement on 20-03-2017.We are praying to  God to shower his blessings for the progress of work.


            We are thankful to God almighty for his guidance and blessings, in this academic year. I take it as a privilege   to express my deep sense of gratitude to Most Rev.Dr.V.Jerome Dhas, Patron of our College & Bishop of R.C Diocese of Kuzhithurai, Chief Guest  Dr. A.Vasanthi M.B.B.S., D.O, Joint Director of Health services, Kanyakumari District.,  Rev. Fr. S. Jaya Prakash, our Correspondent, Rev. Fr. S. Godwin Selva Justus, Financial Administrator, Distinguished members of the Management board, Rev. Fathers and Sisters. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all my students and colleagues. I would like to extend my debt of gratitude to the head of the departments, staff for their continued support, dedication and encouragement

Thank you all!


Basic B.Sc (N) (Only Female Candidates), Post Basic B.Sc (N), M.Sc (N) & Ph.D in Nursing Courses (2019-2020) Batch Students Admission is going on....

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